Creately : Nice and Free Diagrams in no time

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Creately is an online diagraming and design application that is very easy to use . It offers a great way of working with teams in multiple locations and on several projects .It has both a free and premium version and of course the paid version has always more features to work with .Anyway we will content ourselves with just the free version .

Some features of Creately ?

Here are some the feaures of creately :
  • It is partly free and if you want to see the different features of both paid and free version check this table
  • It has a very elegant web interface
  • Upload your images and manipulate them using the drag and drop technique
  • It is functional and does not need any download or installation software
  • Creately allows you to filter your diagrams using tags to organize & manage all your diagrams in Projects.
  • It offers some beautiful templates as backgrounds
  • It has a smart editor and authoring tools
  • You can invite your colleagues to work with you on your diagram
  • you can share your work with whomever you want
  • It is secure and your work will never be lost
  • It has an interactive feature through the use of comments

How can i get started using Creately ?

Log on to Creately main page and sign up for a free account
once you are signed in then here the tutorial you need to watch to learn how to work on it .

Applications of Creately in education

Creately offers a larger freedom for students to create their own diagram presentations with many more possibilities . They can use it to create flowcharts , mind maps ,and diagrams of all kinds . They can also use it to share , review , collaborate and track diagrams online . Give it a try and you will see .
That;s it about Creately : Nice and Free Diagrams in NoTtime

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