Chirbit :Record , Upload , and Share audio clips easily

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Chirbit is a cool podcasting software .It is one of the tools i decided to add up to the podcasting list i am assembling in this blog . I have already covered some interesting audio applications together with their applications in education and in today’s post i will be introducing you to Chirbit and show you how you can use it to create awesome podcasts .


Some features of Chribit

Here are some of the main services and features that characterize Chribit :
  • First it is completely free
  • It requires a sign up but it is easy and quick
  • It allows you to share you audio clips with other via Twitter and Facebook
  • you can record your own voice using only a webcam or microphone
  • You can also upload up to 120mb of audio at a time in .wav .mp3 .amr and .m4a formats.
  • You can also record your clips using mobile technology like : smartphones like iphone , blackberry , android and many more

How can i get started using Chirbit ?

Head over to Chirbit main page and sign up for a free account
get your microphone , webcam or an audio file ready
Now watch the tutorial to learn how to use Chirbit



Applications of Chirbit in education

I wont be saying a lot under this section because you can just refer to the other podcasting tools i included in this blog like : Audacity , Audioboo , and Wavosaur and scroll down to where applications in education is and read how we can apply these tools in our classrooms .The new thing here with Chirbit is that it would allow teachers and students to share audio clips they make with each other using social services like Facebook and twitter .
That’s it about Chirbit :Record , Upload , and Share audio clips easily .

Here is another free audio tool that you might want to check out :

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