Bubbl.us : a great Mindmapping and brainstorming tool for teachers

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Bubbl.us is a great mind mapping and brainstorming  web2.0 tool . It allows its users to create concept maps in such an easy way with the minimum tools possible .You can create your project and invite your colleagues to join you in editing its content and when done you can share it with others via a generated link .

Some features of Bubbl.us

Here the features that bubble.us offers to its users :
  • It is completely free
  • it is simple and easy to use
  • It has a wider range of editing tools
  • You can share your sheets with other bubbl.us users for editing,  and sharing
  • It allows you to share your work with friends and colleagues
  • you can also embed you final work in your website or blog
  • It has a smart navigation mode
  • It allows you to imprint and eport sheets as image , xml or html document

How can i get started using Bubbl.us ?

To start using Bubbl.us , head over to its main page and sing up
once you are signed in then click on sheet or start brainstorming
bubbl.us 1

watch this video to learn how to create your brainstorming sheet

Applications of Bubbl.us in education

As teachers and educators , we always need to create brainstorming sheets to introduce new ideas to our students . Bubbl.us is of the best tools to help us do this job . You can introduce it to students and show them how they can create their own sheets . they can use it when given an assignment or class project . The collaborative option it includes is really great as students can invite each other to work on sheets they are preparing for class. hummmmm what are you waiting , go ahead and give it a shot .
That’s it about Bubbl.us : a great Mindmapping and brainstorming tool for teachers

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