Academic Earth ; Free video lecturesand courses from the world's top scholars

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Academic Earth is an online repertoire of lectures and courses recorded in videos and organized into different categories .These courses and lectures are recorded from the most reputed American universities such as ; Yale, MIT, Berkeley , Harvard , Princeton,and Standford . Academic Earth has one goal which is  that of bringing the best content together in one place and create an environment in which that content is remarkably easy to use and where user contributions make existing content increasingly valuable.
academic earth

Some features of Academic Earth

Here is a list of features that Academic Earth offers to its users ;
  • It is completely free
  • It requires a sing up if you want to create your own playlists and save your favorite videos
  • You can download videos if the download option shows up
  • It has an advanced search bar to search for videos you want
  • It provides a playlist of videos
  • You can also look for online degrees and certificates
  • If you know an instructor by name and want to search for him then you can click on instructor button

Applications of Academic Earth in education

Academic Earth is a very important website for educators . I personally find it very interesting especially if you are engaged in a life long learning experience which I think every educator should be involved with . I have just finished downloading all the lectures of Computer science and programming course by Eric Grimsom, John Guttag . This is a great way to self educate and develop your basic knowledge about certain topics and issues . I hope you would give it a try and see by yourself .
That’s all about Academic Earth ; Free video lectures and courses from the world's top scholars.
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