vuvox : a great multimedia slideshows creation tool

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Vuvox is a wonderful web2.0 tool that we can use in education .It allows you to stitch together your photos , videos , and music into rich personal and appealing presentations . It is basically a multimedia collage and slideshow making tool .

Some features of Vuvox

Here are the main features that vuvox service offers to its users :
  • It is completely free
  • it is easy to use , instant and simple
  • It allows you to share your personal media with the rest of the world
  • it lets you customize you media just the way you like it
  • you can add your feeds to your own media
  • you can edit your images and crop parts you don't like
  • you can upload images from Flicker, SmugMug or Picasa
  • it also allows you to include videos into your collage
  • It allows you to mix all your multimedia into a nice slideshow to share with your students or colleagues

How can i get started using Vuvox ?

Visit Vuvox main page and create your free account
There are four ways to create your multimedia presentations :
Vuvox Express
this option is very fast but provides just few tools . when you log on to Vuvox Express you will be working on this platform .
vuvox express
Vuvox Collage
This service offers a wider range of option such as :
  • drag and drop interfaces
  • placement of interactive multimedia that include direct links and presentations
  • an easy to use cut-out tool
  • video and audio assets
vuvox collage

watch Vuvox Collage tutorial to learn how to use this option
Vuvox Studio
Vuvox Studio is the most advanced option offering broadest selection of editing tools
vuvox studio

there are three steps to start using Vuvox Studio
1- Collect
click on collect to upload your photos be it from the web or your computer
2- Create
click on create to choose a presentation style and use the tool bar on the right hand side to customize it and add things to it
vuvox create

3- Publish
this is where you can broadcast your project or share it with others
vuvox publish

Cut-out Express
you can use this service to :
  • upload a photo
  • make a cut-out
  • upload media
vuvox cut-out

Watch this demo video to learn more how to use Vuvox to create you own personal multimedia presentatiomns and slideshows .



Applications of Vuvox in education

Vuvox is a handy tool to be used in education . As teachers and educators , we can use this service to create engaging slideshows and presentations and share them with our students . we can also encourage our learners to use Vuvox to create their own slideshows to use in classroom projects or when given an assignment.
That’s it about Vuvox : A Great Multimedia Slideshows Creation Tool
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