viddix :The Easiest Way to Create Interactive Web Videos

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Viddix is a video publishing application that allows its users to create interactive video clips . Viddix offers a new and smart platform that allows users to add all kinds of web content to their video timeline . It is really a great tool to turn your boring videos into engaging multimedia clips that students will love .

Some features of Viddix

Here are the features that Viddix offers to its users :
  • It offers 250 MB file sizes to free users
  • It has a very interactive interface
  • It supports all sorts of raw formats (.avi, .wmv, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4)
  • it converts all these formats to FLV for optimal web performance.

How can i get started using Viddix ?

Log on to Viddix main page and register there .
Once you are signed in then you have two video options :
1-Viddix Overlay Player
Viddix overlay player allows you to add simple and effective overlays to your videos . You can for example show a link to your blog or a website or a link to your twitter or facebook account while video is playing . When you use a link Viddix automatically gives you a matching template .This is an example of a screenshot of how Viddix overlay palyer looks like :
viddixoverlay player
Watch the Viddix Overlay player demo to learn more
2- The Dual Screen Player
Dual Screen player features the ipanel .
This ipanel can use text , images , videos , flash , polls , rss feeds ,custom and links .
viddixweb content
This option displays two parts in a video screen : The left hand part shows video and the right hand panel displays the extra web elements that are connected to the video. These web elements can range from a simple text with links to full flash objects and forms. This is a screenshot of how Viddix dual screen player looks like :
viddixdual screen player
Watch the Dual Screen Player demo to learn more

Applications of Viddix in Education

Viddix is really a cool web 2.0 tool to use with your students . You can use it to embed links and extra web content to your videos which which will for sure catch students attention more . Viddix drives away all the boredom that accompanies some educational videos and make them so much interactive . I am quite sure your students will love it so why not give it a try .
That’s it about Viddix :The Easiest Way to Create Interactive Web Videos .
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