Two minutes pause for a smile

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Hi my dear visitors . After a busy and jam-packed week I  woke up this morning feeling so exhausted and cranky . I tossed right and left trying to add some extra rest and energy that my Brian badly needs but did not work . Sometimes it happens that you get so uneasy , frustrated and exhausted as if  you have had a very devastating affair while in fact it is just so much work and little recreation . Anyway , being in such a psychological state and having no one to talk to as i am living alone i turned my laptop on as usual and went straight to take my medicine . I have had this medicine for a long time and have even taken it to my students several times . I have gathered some of the best funny videos online and since i love kids , these funny videos are just about them .
I have watched these two videos over and over and never get bored . Each time i watch them i feel lively and happy again . The best thing in life is a kid’s smile and i would give anything to see it in every day of my life .
I decided to share these two videos with you and you might even have already seen them , but since you are the closest people to my life i felt like i needed to share with you everything not just my educational technology posts . I am sorry  this post is out of topic but you might be feeling like me today and just looking wholeheartedly for a smile . I hope i can contribute in the creation of this smile on your face this morning .As the proverb states “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “
Watch this awesome kid laughing i really adore him , he has made me laugh when no one else could .

This is the second funny video i like so much . I love those cute kids and wish i can just spend a minute with them in real . Harry is 7, Charlie is 4 3/4

After i have published this post i received a reply from Alicia Robinson who is a leading member in Technology Integration in Education forum sharing with me another link to a great video which i have watched at least ten times in less than four hours . I loved the video and i am sure you would love it too . All thanks go back to Alicia for sharing .
I hope i succeeded in stealing a smile from you with these videos . Cheer up and be happy .