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SlideRocket is an online web2.0 application that facilitates creating and sharing online presentations in the form of slides . It is like 280Slides, the other web2.0 tool i have talked about earlier in one of my posts entitled 280Slides in Education  . SlideRocket helps you build a better presentation experience with a compelling software .


Some features of SlideRocket

There are many features which make SlideRocket one of the best presentation tools in education . The following are some of the services SlideRocket allows you to do :
  • share information with colleagues and friends
  • save created presentations in pdf formats
  • import PowerPoint presentations and edit them using SlideRockt platform
  • create an asset library to manage your slides and presentations
  • print your slides
  • publish a public url to let others view your slides and presentation
  • embed your slides into website
  • It supports some cool authoring tools like: audio, video, animations, charts, tables, pictures, themes and layouts

How can i get started using SlideRocket ?

First you need to go to SlideRocket main page and register with them . There are two versions of SlideRocket one is for free and has less features than the pro one .
Select the one that suits your needs but the free version is enough for us here .
To walk you through a step by step tutorial on how to use SlideRocket , you need to watch this short video

SlideRocket Tutorial

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