Sketch : the educative way to communicate with your students

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Sketchcast is a very interesting web2.0 tool for educators to try with their learners . Sketchcasting is “ a new way to communicate something online by recording a sketch , optionally with your voice speaking . Any sketch can then be embedded in your blog homepage for people to play-back , and you can also point people to your sketchcast channel or let them subscribe to your sketchcast RSS feed. “
If you still didn't have the chance to learn what RSS Feed is and how we can use it in education then you are recommended to read :  RSS Feed in Education

How can i get started using Sketchcast

Log on to Sketchcast main page and register with them .
Once you are logged in click on “ create” link on top ¨
Provide a title for your sketch . If you want to record using your voice then tick “ with voice” box.
Choose a category for your skecth , you can choose from :
  • Tutorial
  • fun
  • art
  • other
then you click on start recording draft .


Type your text , draw something, or delete what you typed use the graphic tablet buttons as shown in this screenshot.


When you finish making your sketch and after previewing it , you can then press “ publish”. You can either make it public or private .


Applications of Sketchcasting in education

Here are some ideas of how we can integrate this awesome web2.0 tool in our classrooms .
As for teachers
  • They can use it to create tutorials on “how to do” formulae like experiments in science and physics , or math
  • they can also use it to create online courses for students

As for students ,
they can use it to
  • review vocabulary , grammar, math , and many more
  • practice their writing skills
  • project works with everyone contributing to the final sketch

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