Sitehoover : a great easy way to organize your online work

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Sitehoover is a fantastic web2.0 tool . It allows its users to store all their favourite websites and access them from any computer in the world .It acts like LiveBinders but with much more exciting features . Sitehoover does not only bookmark your favourite websites but also informs you about new and updated content on each of these websites . Wow isn’t that great ?


Some features of Sitehoover

here are a list of features that characterize Sitehoover service :
  • It is completely free
  • It is definitely simple and easy to use
  • It has a great interactive interface
  • It allows you to bookmark all your favourite websites with a single click
  • It has a practical extension that you can add to your browser
  • It allows you to tag your bookmarks and let the world see them
  • It also lets you customize the look of your background page and add your particular feel to it
  • It allows you to export all your Firefox bookmarks
  • You can save others’ favourite hoovers into your platform
  • you can set sitehoover as your homepage to get a quick access to your favourite websites whenever you are online.

How can i get started using Sitehoover ?

Head on to Sitehoover main page and open your account it is free and very instant .
Once you are signed in , you can then start adding your favourite websites
To add a website to your hoover , enter a name for it and click ‘start hoover’
Click on the box that says’ Click to add a page’
Then enter the URL of the page . If you have already created a folder then choose the folder then click on ‘add’ , the webpage will be automatically saved to your folder if you don't have a folder then  it will be set for by default mode .
To create a folder click on ‘add a folder’ on the right hand side and give it a name .
Click on ‘” panel “ button on top right to :
  • see your own hoovers
  • favourite hoovers of others that you have saved
  • change the setting of your Sitehoover page .

Under the ‘setting’ tab you can :

  • select whether you want to make your hoover public
  • choose a template or create your own skin
  • Change account settings
  • Get addons to add to your tab or copy the html / JavaScript to embed in your blog or website

Applications of Sitehoover in education

No matter how long i talk to you about this great web2.0 tool i will never be able to make you feel the real importance of this tool in education .Teachers and students can use it to organize their favourite sites into hoovers that are easily accessible from anywhere with a computer and internet connection . Teachers can also gather a set of important websites for students and set them into hoovers and share their URLs with their students . You can think of load of ideas on how to use Sitehoover in your classroom just do not forget to Give it a try .
That’s it about Sitehoover : A Great Easy Way to Organize Your Online Work
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