Sendoid , The Instant Private Way to Share Files in Education

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Sendoid is a great file sharing web2.0 application. It is completely different from other file sharing services in that it is based on peer to peer transfer system . This means that files are never stored into servers and that they are only accessible in a direct way through a generated link .

Some features of Sendoid

Here are some features that sets Sendoid apart from other file sharing systems online
  • It is completely free
  • It is dead simple
  • It is very instant and straight forward
  • It does not require any sign up
  • It  provides  a high security via a 128bit AES encryption algorithm, link obfuscation, and an optional user-set password at the end-point.
  • It offers a size limit that ranges between 600 MB and 1 GB
  • It provides a desktop application that facilitates file sharing

How can i get started using Sendoid ?

Log on to Sendoid main page
Click on Choose File to Share

Once the file is selected , you can set a password for it or choose whether you want a reusable link then click on Share button .
A link  will be generated for you that you can share with others via many ways such as email, IM, chat, twitter, etc

To install Sendoid Desktop Application just click on Install Sendoid button

Applications of Sendoid in Education

Sendoid is a very important tool in education . We can use it to share files instantly with our colleague teachers in such a private and secure way . We can also introduce Sendoid to our students and show them how to use it to send files to each others and to their teachers as well .
That is it about Sendoid , The Instant Private Way to Share Files in Education