safe search engines for students part1

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With the advancement of technology and internet , cyber safety has become a real issue for parents ,schools and other educative agents . Integrating materials from the internet into our classrooms do not always prove to be the best solutions sometimes we risk our students safety or exposure to non relevant ads . In this regard , I have prepared a paper about some student-friendly and safe search engines we can use with our students at school.
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The following are a set of search engines that offer a high filtering service and hence can be used with kids and students at schools. Remember , this is not an inclusive list and I will be adding up to it from time to time .
1- Famhoo

Famhoo is a search engine that filters out search results and makes searching online safer than before .As its engineers have said “ although our search engine methodology is confidential, we can tell you that we filter our results in a way that protects your family. We also sort the results in a way that we hope allows you to effectively find the most applicable websites you are searching for .”

2- KidRex


KidRex is a search engine made just for kids and powered by Google ‘ Safe Search Technology. Google uses this kind of technology to protect kids while they are online by deleting sexual content from their search results and eliminating most of the inappropriate material and adult content .
KidRex has a black list to which you can add  inappropriate sites.
3- Nettrekker


Netrrekker is a paid search engine for schools . It is “ the leading educational search tool for k-12 schools . It brings digital resources into the classroom in a safe , relevant and engaging way making it faster and easier to provide a more personalized and productive learning experience for every student.”
4- Ask Kids


Ask Kids is “ a search engine designed exclusively for young people ages 6 to 12 . It is a free , safe , fun way for kids and their parents to quickly and easily research school topics like science, math, geography, language arts, and history in a search environment that is safer and more age- appropriate than traditional , adult search engines .
Ask Kids has also some very practical , relevant, and child- appropriate materials for learning . It also includes identified communities and collections of websites linked to the core list and filtered in such a way to avoid and remove all adult content .

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