Let's Crate , a free file sharing service for educators

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Let's Crate is another free file sharing application .It is very simple and easy to use . It allows you to share files that amount to 20MB with whomever you want . You can either start using this free service without signing up , a thing which will allow you to save your crate just for 30 minutes , or you can sign up and save your crates forever . I personally think that you should give Let's Crate a shot and see if you would like it . I have been using it for awhile now and have found it extremely helpful .

Applications of Lets Crate in Education

Now you have another handy web2.0 tool to use with your students in the class to share files and interesting documents at no times . I hope you would try it out and introduce it to your students and show them how to use it . best of luck .