Free Online Converter :Convert media files online into any type of format

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Free Online Converter is a great web 2.0 tool . It allows its users to convert any type of format to whatever format they want and in just seconds . I have tried it and it really amazed me and could not wait to share it with you .It is very simple and easy and you do not even have to sign up to start using it .
free online converter

Some features of Free Online Converter

Here are some of the features that sets Free Online Converter apart from all other file converting systems:
  • It is completely free
  • It is dead simple and easy to use
  • It is very instant
  • It supports all kinds of formats
  • It allows you to share your converted files via  a generated URL

How can i get started using Free Online Converter ?

Head on to Free Online Converter main page and choose the type of file you want to convert . Here are the files it supports :
Audio Converter
audio converter

Video Converter
video converter

Image Converter
image converter

Document Converter
document converter

Ebook Converter
ebook converter

Hash Generater
hasg generator
To use any of them just select the target format and hit Go . You will be then asked to browse your file from your computer or provide a URL for it and click on Convert button . Here is an example of how it looks like if you want to convert an image .
free online converter example

Applications of Free Online Converter in education

With Free Online Converter teachers as well as students will never have problems with file conversions .Students will find it very interesting as it will allow them to convert files into format they like and in just a few seconds . I personally love PDF format and before i start reading any long word document article i always make sure to convert it to PDF format which i like so much . Try it out and see by yourself.
That’s it about Free Online Converter :Convert media files online into any type of format
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