engrade : the best online gradebook for educators

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Engrade is one of the best online web2.0 tools in education . It is the number one online gradebook in class management system with more than 2,410,506 members . Engrade is completely free and is a great way to post class information for students and parents .

Some features of Engrade

The following is a list of features that Engrade offers to its users :
  • It is completely free
  • it is secure and private
  • It requires a sign up but it is quick and easy
  • It allows you to record grades and attendance , schedule assignments and build classroom materials like : lessons , quizzes , and flashcards
  • It lets you imprint a variety of grade reports
  • It allows you to create and share wikis , lessons , flashcards , and online quizzes
  • You can also use it to embed videos and upload documents

How can i get started using Engrade ?

Visit Engrade front page and click on sign up
Create a teacher account
Now that your account has been created you need to set up your first class

Next you choose the grading scale for this class . If you select manual option , Engrade will not automatically calculate the students  grades and you have to enter them but if you select 0-100 Engrade will automatically calculate them based on their percentage .If you want to customize your students grading scale click on custom button

Engrade allows you to put your assignments into categories and weight them .

it also allows you to sort students in the grade book by their last name , id number or class percentage

To add an assignment simply click new assignment

then enter its name , the points possible , select a category , choose a date , and add a description or attachment .Under the student score , you can enter the scores of your students on this assignment .

To create a class , scroll over classes button on the top bar and click on create a new class and do the same procedure you did previously .

To learn more about Engrade here is a list of video tutorials on how to use each of its functionalities just click on any link to watch the video.
Introduction to Engrade
How to create and assign a quiz using Engrade
How to create flash cards using Engrade
How to use attendance option on Engrade

Introduction to Engrade from Engrade on Vimeo.



Applications of Engrade in Education

Engrade is a great web2.0 tool in education . It has been created mainly for teachers and students . The following are a set of ideas on how we can use Engrade in education as has been proposed by Engrade themselves :
We can use Engrade to :
  • create a customized grading scale to store students scores
  • engage students in online discussions
  • assign homework and assignments for students
  • safely and privately message students and parents
  • build online class wikis for your classroom
  • Post events , reminders and lessons online for your class
  • create flash cards to help students with their learning
  • Track daily attendance
  • deliver online quizzes to your students and let Engrade automatically calculate the scores for you to save you time .
that’s it about Engrade : The best online Gradebook for Educators
I hope you liked this post . To learn more about other organizational and collaborative tools you might need in your classroom , just check the '” Organizing / Collaborative tools “ tab on top of this page .
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