dropbox: the best way to share, sync and back up your files

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Dropbox is one of my best applications that i use on a daily basis . Dropbox offers a very handy and most of all intelligent way to store and share files online . It is very simple and has no complicated set up .You just need to install a folder in your computer which takes about 5 minutes and then fill in your information .Let’s say for example , you have installed Dropbox on your laptop and have uploaded some documents to it ;  when you are on another computer ,say at school , you can view all the documents you have uploaded and you can even download them and do any changes you want , whatever changes you did will instantly appear on the Dropbox folder you have in your laptop .Isn’t that pretty cool ? . wait till you finish this tour and you will see how important Dropbox is in our life .
Watch this very short video to have an idea about what Dropbox is all about :


Some features of Dropbox

These are the features that sets Dropbox apart from any other similar application :
  • It is completely free
  • It is simple to use and has a nice user-friendly interface
  • No need to have a flash drive or memory stick to keep and share information Dropbox does the job for you
  • It is completely secure and if your laptop goes down you will get all your saved files in Dropbox as soon as you install it again

  • Dropbox offers  an online backup service, free file syncing, and the ability to share your files with others

  • It is compatible with most of the operating systems and has a mobile version for mobile devices
  • It offer 2GB for free which is a generous amount of storage for teachers
  • It allows you to share whatever you want via a URL

  • Dropbox lets you go back in time to undelete or undo changes to files.

How can i get started using Dropbox ?

Log on to Dropbox main page and sign up for a free account

Once you are signed in you need to download a special folder to any computer or portable device you work with . click on download to start the process

when you are done downloading it then you watch this video tutorial to see how you can work on Dropbox . This tutorial is provided by Dropbox creators .

Applications of Dropbox in education

In fact everything Dropbox offers is pivotal to education .This is a tool that every teacher MUST have and work with . We can use it to :
  • write our lesson plans and save them for a later use at school . Don't worry , you do not need to install a folder every time you want to check your Dropbox documents , you can just go to Dropbox webpage and log in to see all the things you have saved to your folder at home .
  • share homework assignments , documents , videos …etc with your students or colleagues by saving them to a public folder that everyone can access via a generated URL
That’s it about Dropbox : the best way to share, sync, and back up your files