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BlogBooker is a very cool and free web2.0 tool . It allows you to “ produce a high-quality PDF blog book from all your blog entries and comments . Archives can be generated from any blog running on Wordpress, Blogger , Live Journal and its derivatives . The whole process takes about 3 to 4 minutes depending on the size of your blog.”


How can i get started using BlogBooker ?

First log on to BlogBooker . You do not need any registration at all . All you need to do is to submit an export file provided by your blog system to BlogBooker :

1- To export your Wordpress blog
Follow the instruction in this tutorial : How to export your wordpress blog
2- To export your blogger blog :
follow the instructions in this tutorial : how to export your blogger blog
3- As for Live Journal
the export and back up are automatically handled .
When you finish exporting your file into a secure place in your hard desk , go back to BlogBooker main page and click on “ get your blog as PDF blog book” and select your blog system .


Type in your info and hit “ create your blog book”


Application of BlogBooker in Education

I think it is a very good idea to use Blog booker with your students . Introduce it to them and show them how they can use it to turn blog posts into PDFs . Provide them with blog and website urls and let them print the articles that you think might help them in their learning . They can also use it to save PDF books of educative blogs that they can check offline . As soon as they have a saved portable copy of a blog , then they can access its content without the need of internet connection .

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