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5min Videopedia is really a great website for those who are  looking for short video solutions to any practical questions . It has “tens of thousands of videos across 20 categories and 140 subcategories which are professionally produced and brand-safe.”5min is a site that is entirely devoted to short instructional knowledge and lifestyle videos .


How can i get started using 5 min Videopedia ?

Log on to 5min main page and register with them . if you register you can :
  • upload your videos
  • create your own studio ( a studio is your personal space to manage your own videos, as well as other videos and studios you like ) 
  • take part in the 5min community
  • create your very own favorites list
  • subscribe to studios you like and interact with other members  

Once you are logged in you can browse through the different categories they have there like :


To upload your videos click on upload and follow the instructions . it is very easy and simple .
That is in brief what 5min is all about , to learn more about it visit their FAQ page or watch this video tutorial .

about 5min

I hope you liked the post and that you are going to use 5min to look for educative videos to share with your students .        
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