ZimmerTwins : Creative storytelling web2.0 tool for teachers

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The ZimmerTwins is a site which teachers should really consider when talking about enhancing students’ creativity . It is all about creative storytelling. ZimmerTwins is a web2.0 tool that allows students to give vent to their imaginative powers and exercise their storytelling skills from early stages to advances ones.
Edgar and Eva Zimmer are 12 years old twins who appear normal but have developed psychic powers strange things began to happen when the twins adopted a black cat named 13 . On ZimmerTwins students create their own endings to story starters or create stories from scratch.

Some features of ZimmerTwins

Here is a set of features that characterize ZimmerTwins service :
  • It does not need any registration to use it
  • It provides easy to use movie making skills
  • Members can create their own music videos, serials, or even commercials
  • It provides a “sharing” service so that users can share their work with the rest of the world ( only for pro members )
  • It enables interaction between its users by leaving comments and messages on each others’ pages
  • It also allows for easy accessibility to favorite movies by using the favorite page.
  • It has an extra service which is that of downloading interesting games to iphone and ipad.


The Making of The ZimmerTwins

how can I get started using ZimmerTwins ?

Log in to ZimmerTwins main page


As I have already said , ZimmerTwins can be used without registration , however, students will not be able to save their creations. Creating an account is easy and requires only a valid email address ; a teacher can create a class account that every student uses to access ZimmerTwins and save their videos .
To create a movie click on “ make a movie “ button .
First you need to pick an animation clip . There are actually 4 different types of clips to choose from :
            1-Talk bubble clips
Use this clip to make the character sing, talk, whisper….etc 


            2-Action Clips
Action clips make the character play, sit, laugh,……etc


          3- Close-up clips
They make the character act bored, confused,dizzy ………..etc


          4-Star Clips
This is for fun things like typing a newspaper headline ,there are many clips to choose from


Watch this video tutorial to learn more

Tutorial ZimmerTwins

Or you can watch ZimmerTwins official video on how to make a movie

Applications of ZimmerTwins in Education.

Here are some ideas that might be of some help to support you in integrating ZimmerTwins in education :
  • Students can use ZimmerTwins to create their own animated movies from scratch.
  • Students watch a starter and finish the story and publish their finished work
  • Students can “Collab-o-write” and work together to create a collaborative video
  • Students can use ZimmerTwins to create movies about certain historical events, to describe their experiments or concepts, as a story problem in Math, or for vocabulary review.
That’s it about ZimmerTwins : Creative storytelling web2.0 toll for teach.
If you have any questions, comments or additions , feel free to add them below.

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