web2.0..The machine is using us

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This is not one of my regular posts about a review of a web2.0 tool that you used to read in my blog . This is web2.0 itself under spotlight. Today as I was navigating the web collecting resources about Digital Ethnography , a topic I am working on now, I came across this great video entitled web2.0….The Machine is Us/ing Us . This four minutes 32 seconds has been viewed 11270456 times ; no wonder wait till you watch it and you will know the reason.
Before you watch this video , let me jut brief you in few lines about the chronological order of the technological boom that led to web2.0 and now web3 .
Before the emergence of the web , people used to rely on Windows which was , by then, the major platform with packaged software applications and tightly coupled APIs ; Then came the web and changed the users focus to client-server technology using hyper-linking techniques , which at the end, led to the emergence of sites such as Rediff, Geocities, Britannica Online, and Directories (yahoo). The common feature between all these sites was the fact that they were one way web or read only web with relatively “primitive” interfaces . Some of these sites used to have stickiness to get users back . At this stage , there was no interaction between the users and the machine , users were just passive consumers of what the machine provided them with . Then came web2.0 to integrate new social notions into users technological behaviors . Collaboration, interaction and sharing became the primary focus in web 2.0 applications . Users are no longer passive , they become instead  parts and parcels of knowledge building using tools such as blog, wikis, podcasts,social websites , and learning networks to view, upload, tag, read, write, review,debate, and comment. Directories faded away and taxonomies were replaced by folksonomies . In short , the web has become an unlimitedly open collaborative, participatory and interactive space where everyone can have their own word. Now , experts have started talking about web3 , a topic which I will cover in a single post in the near future.
In the following video , Michael Wesch , an anthropology professor , put this outstanding video together to explain how technological advancements have revolutionized our life. Make sure you watch it at least twice.

The machine is using us
That’s it about web2.0..The machine is using us.
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