TrackClass : The best way to organize your students work

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TrackClass is a free web2.0 tool . It is a wonderful free resource for students . It helps them organize their school work and allows them to track their classes and assignments, and send reminders in the form of emails and sms. TrackClass provides notetaking utility to students so that they can take notes on it or transcribe them later. I personally think that TrackClass is one of the indispensable tools educators should be using .

Some features of TrackClass

Through using TrackClass students can be able to :
  • Be updated constantly about what is going on in their classes.
  • Be informed of the upcoming assignments
  • Save their notes and not worry about loosing them
  • Create assignments to keep up with the grades
  • It is a completely free service.


How can I get started using TrackClass ?

First , go to TrackClass main page and click on sign up . You need to sign up to benefit from the services of this applications , the registration is very easy and takes only a few seconds .
Once you are logged in click on :
  1. Dashboard
This is where you can create your class just click on “ add your first class”


2 . Assignments

This is where you add upcoming and completed assignments . Click on “ add a new assignment” to add new ones .


4. Exams

This is the page where you can write your exams and save them


5. Notes

This is where you can add notes to your assignments and exams . You can copy your class notes into here for easy retrieval later.


6 . Calendar

Here is where you will see at a glance a view of all the assignments and exams


7. Files

Here is where you can attach files to assignments and exams for easy retrieval later


There is also a version for mobile phones and the iphones, students now will never worry about being organized wherever they are.
I hope you can give this web2.0 tool a try with your students. Please spread the word and share with us your experiences in using educational technology in your classrooms.
That’s it about TrackClass : The best way to organize your students work.

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