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SymbalooEdu  is a very important web2.0 tool . It is a “new way to organize , share your online life and discover that of others”.Teachers will no longer need to worry about long urls being broken when copied by students . SymbalooEdu lets you gather all of your favorite websites into a webmix about the topics you teach. These webmixes can be shared with friends, students, and parents.


Some features of SymbalooEdu

Here are a set of features that make out of SymbalooEdu a user friendly tool to be used with and by students :

  • It is free and doesn’t have any banner ads
  • No registration needed , but you will have to open a free account if you want to access your webmixes from more than one place
  • It provides a neat worksheet where you can organize your online tools and sites
  • Webmixes can be shared online with others
  • It has a very simple to use search utility

How can I get started using SymbalooEdu ?

First go to SymbalooEdu and sign up




Once you are signed up , you can navigate through the tabs provided in the homepage. You can access :

1- Edu Tools

In this page , you can see a webmix of several websites and tools that teachers and educators can use in their classrooms . You can add to these tools , edit them , drag and drop to change their placement.




2- World History

Under this tab you can find an aggregation of important websites and tools related to history




3- Writing

In this webmix , you will find several websites that deals with writing as an activity




To add a webmix of your own , click on “ add a webmix” on the top right hand corner.




When you finissh your webmix , you can share it with others , just click on “ share” button on top right hand side and select whether to share it with the world or just with friends.




To learn more about SymbalooEdu , visit their FAQ page


Applications of SymbalooEdu in education

Teachers can use it to :

  • Manage their online resources
  • Share websites with their students
  • Create a personalized learning environment
  • Assemble sites you use with your students during the whole year and make them accessible from a single page in SymbalooEdu

Students can use SymbalooEdu to :

  • Create a personalized learning network
  • Create their own textbooks
  • Create their own ebooks that contain resources based on subjects and inquiry questions
  • Organize all of their work , links and websites in one place.


That’s it about SymbalooEdu

If you have any questions, additions or comments , feel free to drop them below .

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