stixy : organize and share information in education

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Stixy is another great web2.0 tool for educators . It is a virtual bulletin board space . It is very useful for gathering, organizing , publishing and sharing information . Users can also add photos, notes, documents and to do lists to their stixy bulletin. Once these items are added you can then invite your peers to view, add , upload or edit them . Stixy is like a virtual portfolio where students post their items and collaborate virtually . It requires users registration with a valid email address .
I have already talked about some other similar web2.0 tools that can help you a lot with the organization of your online work . read the following posts to learn more :


Some features of Stixy

Stixy has several important features that make out of it a very good place to start organizing your online work. Stixy allows you to ;
  • Upload your work and add comments to it .
  • Share files and documents
  • Invite your friends , peers, and even family and start collaborating
  • Copy and paste the content of any website to it
  • Upload photos from wherever you have them , attach comments and share them
  • You can tick the “ guest view” so that all your visitors can only see it

How can I get started using Stixy ?

First go to Stixy main page  and sing up . It is easy and doesn’t take long . Once you are signed in then follow this step by step tutorial provided by stixy in the form of illustrated photos on their “ about stixy” page .

1-get started


2- create


3- invite


4- stixy board options


5- personal settings


To learn more watch this video tutorial

Tutorial on Stixy

Applications of Stixy in education

Just like all the other web 2.0 tools I have been talking about in this blog , Stixy too has several pluses in education :
  • Students can use it as a communication tool with their teachers
  • Students submit assignments using the document upload options
  • They can also add their own notes and participate in online classroom discussions
  • They can use it to collaborate virtually when working on group projects
  • They can also use it to create online portfolios with teachers monitoring and leaving feedback and encouragements in their pages.
That’s it about stixy : organize and share information in education .

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