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SpringPad is a free web2.0 application that helps you organize and save your stuff. It is the best platform where you can quickly and easily save anything you want to remember. Springpad uses the power of the web to create really smart notes. This web2.0 tool looks like Evernote but with more options. If you want to learn more about Evernote then read the post entitled : Evernote : a new way to get organized in education


Some features of Springpad

Going through the different tutorials on Springpad , I have collected some of its main features that might bring you closer to the services Springpad offers . Among these features :
Springpad is a free service available through web, iphone, ipad, and Android.
  • It allows its users to take notes, create task lists , and clip web sites.
  • It allows you to import data from a bar code
  • It lets you add photos and conduct searches based on location
  • It has a digital cork board to help you organize your stuff.
  • You can share your posts via facebook, twitter,and email
  • It also allows you to set reminders and alerts for notes you have made.

How can I get started using Springpad ?

First go to Springpad main page and click on get started


You can either open a new account or sign in with one of the accounts provided as shown in this screenshot


To start a new notebook click on the “Plus” button , a little window will pop up, type in your title and choose a theme and click “done”.


To save something new to your notebook click on the little “ Plus” button as shown in the screenshot . You can save a note or task and if you want to save something more specific use Springpad to look it up by clicking on look it up


To search for something you click on look it up and type in what you want to remember


For example if I type in Educational Technology this is what I will get


You can add any result you find directly to your notebook.
Use the buttons under the save note to :
  • Make your notes public
  • Set a reminder
  • Add a tag
  • Attach notes and media to your notes
If you want to share what you have saved click on share at the top of the page.
Use the navigation on the left to view your stuff by type or by tag and each of your notebooks has a section called board where you can move stuff around, add new notes or add a map


Watch this great tutorial video to learn more about Springpad VIDEO

tutorial on Springpad

Applications of Springpad in Education

As I have said earlier , Sprinpad is more or less like Evernote , for they are both free notes and organizer software. This being said, I would refer you to Evernote : a new way to get organized in education post to read the applications of Evernote in education which would be the same for Springpad
At the end, I would highly recommend educators and teachers specifically to have recourse to these great web2.0 applications and encourage students to use them . Best of Luck
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