Soshiku : a great organizational tool in education

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Soshiku is another great web2.0 application . It is more or less similar to TrackClass , an organizational tool which enables students to organize their school work in a very practical way. Soshiku is ‘ a simple but powerful tool that manages your high school or college assignments. Soshiku keeps track of when your assignments are due and can be even notify you via email or sms ‘. Part of this service is free , you can open a free basic account with limited features but very useful and you do not need to go pro and pay 5 dollars .Read the difference between a basic and pro user to learn more

Some educative features of Soshiku

Here is a set of the most important features of Soshiku that students can benefit from in their classrooms.
  • Organize their assignments online
  • Use calendar to get overview of their assignments
  • Search their assignments using the search bar.
  • Organize their courses and label them
  • Save notes, manage tasks, attach files, and share messages with their friends.
  • Students can partner up on Soshiku and keep track of each other’s tasks and share important files
  • Add assignments right from their phones and be updated about the upcoming assignments via email or sms

How can I get started using Soshiku ?

First you need to open a new account , it takes only a few seconds and is very easy .Go to Soshiku main page  and click on sign up . Once you are logged in , you work on the following :

1 . Home

In this page, you can see all your overdue and upcoming assignments and use the calendar to organize them. You can also view the five most recent tasks assigned to you


2 . Courses

Attach your assignments to your courses here and label them


4 . Assignments

Using this page students can be able to :
  • Save notes and organize tasks
  • Share files with each other
  • Chat with their colleagues receive email updates upon receipt of a new message


4 . Partners

This is where students can partner up and keep track of each other’s tasks and share documents


I hope you will be able to use this great web2.0 tool in your class with your students . If you have any questions , additions, or comments , feel free to share them with us below.
That’s it about Soshiku : organizational tool in education

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