The Plagiarism Checker in Education

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This is one of the important web2.0 tools i would highly recommend for educators .The Plagiarism Checker detects the plagiarized text or chunks of a text in your students assignments , essays, articles …ect . The advancement of technology and particularly the mobile one has really improved both our teaching and our students learning . The information has become accessible to whomever . With a single click , students will be able to download a whole ebook into their computers and exchange files and documents with a lightening speed . But I am afraid this technology boom has also brought around some negative sides . Students are more and more dependent on online resources to do their work which endangers their reflective thinking and creativity .
We , as educators , should always be aware of these side effects and work hard to redress them as much as possible . In this regard , I present to you this web2.0 tool that will help you detect those students who rely on “ copy and paste”

plagiarism checker

How do I use The Plagiarism Checker ?

Just go to The Plagiarism Checker main page . You will find a box there where you can paste the suspected text or paragraph you have copied and click on “ check the paper” button and that’s it .

Plagiarism checker

I know many of you will straight give a sigh of relief knowing the importance of this web2.0 tool , we all suffer from plagiarism and it is time to correct some of our students misbehavior .
That’s it about The Plagiarism Checker in Education .

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