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Kerpoof is a free online creative web2.0 tool. It is all about” having fun , discovering things, and being creative.” Kerpoof provides some handy tools for students to enable them to create their own pictures, drawings, story books, movies and practice spelling.

Some features of Kerpoof

There are some features that distinguishe Kerpoof and makes it worth trying with our students.
  • Kerpoof’s interface is user- friendly and students will love it
  • It is a very good publishing center for students
  • It offers the freedom of creativity
  • It allows for the creation of an animated movie, a printed card , or a drawing.
  • Vote on the movies, stories, and drawing that other people have made.


How can I get started using Kerpoof ?

First , log on to Kerpoof main page .
You can use it without registration , but if you register you will benefit from some extra services like : the mail , the inventory, and teacher’s tools . I would recommend you to sign up for a free account.
Once you are in Kerpoof main page you can :

Spell a picture


Make a movie


Make a card


Make a drawing

Make a picture


Tell a story


To learn more about Kerpoof I invite you to watch this short video

kerpoof tutorial

For more about Kerpoof read their About Kerpoof
You can also check Kerpoof Scholastics  to learn more about how elementary and middle school teachers use Kerpoof to enhance classroom activities while meeting a range of educational standards


Applications of Kerpoof in education

Teachers can use Kerpoof to have access to a plethora of free resources or scholastic pages like : lesson plans , classrooms idea, and enewsletter. Students on their part can use it to :
  • Practice writing fairy tales, poetry, collaborative stories, non-fiction books and fables.
  • Make movies out of their own stories
  • Kerpoof provides basic movie making skills to students
  • It also teaches  character education to students.
If you have other suggestions of how we can use Kerpoof in education , feel free to share them with us below .
That’s it about Kerpoof
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