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I know many of you read several tweets everyday . Some even have problems in sifting through the large bulk of tweets they get. This is what I concluded from reading all the emails I received from many persons asking me for help with different twitter options .So I decided to have recourse to my “ magic key “ which is web2.0 to find solutions. The following are two important tools that will make your twitter experience much more easier and enjoyable.

1- Twitter Advance Search

Twitter has become such a very important element in our life that we ca not imagine internet without it. We use Twitter to keep up with interesting news and people we care about, but what if we want to search, filter and interact with the flooding volumes of news and information being transmitted to Twitter every second ?
You will definitely need a powerful search application to do the job .Twitter Advanced Search is your answer . It will help you filter all the real-time information coursing through twitter.
Some features of Twitter Advanced Search
Twitter Advanced Search has several features that will narrow down your search to the exact query you are looking for in tweets. Among these features we can site :
                                   Search for tweets by topic
                         Search for tweets of specific people


                            Search for tweets by city


                         Search for tweets by dates
                         Search for tweets by attitudes


                        Search for tweets containing links

Watch this tutorial video to learn more

twitteradvanced search tutorial

I hope you would try this twitter functionality with your students .You will need to familiarize them with the different options it has and give them an example of how it works and get them going . I am quite sure they will find it very useful .

2- Paper.li

This is a very important tool that you can use to organize your tweets into a magazine like front page ,Learn more in Paper.li : On Outstanding Web2.0 Tool for Educative Twitters

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