EmbedPlus : The educative way to use Youtube videos in Classrooms

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 EmbedPlus is another web2.0 tool that is very important in education . This free application facilitates the embedding , editing and customization of youtube videos. EmbedPlus enables its users to start their videos at a chosen time , skip self-defined chapters, and add captions and annotations. With EmbedPlus , you will have the complete freedom to tweak your videos just as you like . I have already covered in one of my earlier post SafeshareTv which is just as important as EmbedPlus and if you haven’t read it yet then I invite you to have a look at SafeshareTv in education .

Some features of EmbedPlus

Here is a quick overview of the most important features EmbedPlus provides :
  • Start your video at a certain time
  • Ignore boring parts of the video
  • Add annotations to videos
  • Movable zoom service that allows you to dynamically magnify the area you point over
  • Crop interesting parts of a video
  • Instant replay service
  • Instantly watch videos at a slower rate to clearly see what happens
  • Real-time reactions, an option which lets you see people’s reactions to the same video you are tweaking

How can I get started using EmbedPlus ?

Log on to EmbedPlus main page


Click on get “started button”
Get started button

Now paste the url of the Youtube video you want to tweak and click on next

video url

You will be directed to the “ choose options” page where you can customize your video.

          1- Size

You can modify the width and height of your video here  


            2- Start / Stop Time

Here you can select a certain time to start your video


         3- Scene Markers

This is where you can mark and highlight important scenes in your videos


       4- Slow Real-Time Reactions

When you tick this box , your video viewers will be able to see the latest reactions on the video


5- Add Annotations

Here you can add your own timed annotations to your videos


When you finish customizing your video click on “ Get Code”

You can either copy the code to embed in your blog /website or simply copy the short link generated in the second box to play it on your browser.


Applications of EmbedPlus in education

One of the best things about EmbedPlus is that it was created with Educators and specifically teachers in mind . This is why they have included a special page where they brainstormed some thoughts on the service in the context of teaching / training technologiesLINK2 . : http://www.embedplus.com/education-teaching-training.aspx
Here is a brief summary of how EmbedPlus creators thought teachers should be using this web2.0 tool :
Using EmbedPlus teachers will be able to :
  • Highlight turning points in videos they want to share with their students using the jump buttons on the player
  • Skip irrelevant parts in a video
  • Offer additional information beyond what is presented in a video using  annotations .
Students on their part can use it to :
  • Get a closer and clearer understanding of video contents covering complicated events using the slow motion and zoom effects that EmbedPus offers
  • Easily access their videos and view text and other objects within a video
That’s it about EmbedPlus : The educative way to use  Youtube videos in Classrooms.
If you have any questions, comments or additions, feel free to drop down below.

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