Cosketch : Teacher’s virtual online whiteboard

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Cosketch is a virtual web2.0 tool that allows you to create online white board and share it with others . It is a multi-user online whiteboard designed to give its users the ability to quickly visualize and share ideas as images


Some features of Cosketch

Here are some features that Cosketch provides and that make out of it a web2.0 tool that is worth trying with your students :
  • It is a free online service
  • It does not necessitate any registration
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It enhances both collaborative and communicative skills
  • It can be run in all common browsers without plugins or installation
  • Images created by Cosketch can be embedded on forums, blogs, and websites.
  • It integrates google map service into its sketches to show directions or share trips .

How can I get started using Cosketch ?

First go to Cosketch main page  and click on “ create new sketch “ button


You will be directed to the platform where you start your drawing . Use the navigation tools on the left to integrate different forms, shapes, colors and more .


Under the tools tab you have the options to insert lines, curves, circles, rectangles, text and multiple colors
Under” stamps and backgrounds” you can browse through Cosketch library, upload image or use google maps.


To paint with someone , copy the address in your browser address-bar and send it to those you want to paint with . Just keep in mind that unsaved sketches will be deleted 10 minutes after the last users has left the room
Once you finish your drawing you can click on “ save sketch as embeddable image” to embed it in your blog or site .

Applications of Cosketch in education

Cosketch is a nice online drawing tool for students to use in their classrooms. They can use it to collaborate with each other when working on classroom projects and prepare sketches for their presentations. Teachers too can work with their students online using Cosketch while monitoring how students use this tool .It can also be used to enhance teachers’ professional development .
That’s it about Cosketch : Teacher’s virtual online whiteboard.

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