Bubblesnaps in Education

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Bubblesnaps is one of my favorite web2.0 tool . It mixes fun and learning in such a healthy way that your students will love it so much . As you probably know , students have differing mentalities and psychological states , some learn by classical methods , others via cognitive ones ; some are slow learners and others are intelligent . But all these categories meet at one point : the use of fun activities in learning creates a student-friendly atmosphere and triggers active learning and motivation . Some of the web2.0 tools I am blogging about in this platform including this one under study now are just made for this purpose : Improve learning using technological tools .
Bubblesnaps is about adding speech bubbles to a picture . Pictures can be uploaded from your computer or from your flickr account and attach it with your bubble captions before you either share it online or paste it to your site or blog .

How can I get started using Bubblesnaps ?

First go to Bubblesnaps main page . You can dive right in to create your own bubblesnaps or register with them . If you do not register , your bubblesnaps will expire after 10 days .
Now click on “ create your own” and select the emplacement of your picture .


You can either add , delete, speak, or think bubbles then click on finish .


Bubblesnaps allows you to share your work with others in : Myspace, Hi5 , Friendstr, Blogger, Or
send it via email .

Here is an example of a bubblesnap I have created :


Applications of Bubblesnaps in education

This is for sure a very cool web2.0 tool that teachers and educators should try with their students . Just keep in mind that this is not a filtered site and I would not recommend that you let your students use it unsupervised . The following are some ideas of how you can apply Bubblesnaps in education :
  • Bubblesnaps can be used for vocabulary review with teachers providing pictures and students provide their equivalents
  • It can be used as a storytelling trigger . Teachers provide bubbles for pictures and students complete the narration line .
  • It can also be used to revise certain communicative functions, and grammatical structures.
That’s it about Bubblesnaps in Education .

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