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Bonzobox is a very good bookmarking web2.0 tool . It is “ an interactive web tool that allows people to build their own customized “ bonzobox” home page with links to their favorite website”. No need to type in numerous web addresses any more , just drag and drop and click on any bonzobox to refer you back instantly to the targeted site . I have already covered a couple of other bookmarking web2.0 tools that you can use in your classroom as well , check out the following if you want to learn more :

Some features of Bonzobox

The following are some features that Bonzobox offer to its users :
  • It is free, simple , and easy to use
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Quick access to favorite sites using Bonzobox
  • It offers a specialized email application for users to have a complete access to all of their personal email accounts .
  • It also allows users to generate live thumbnail of any site from anywhere on the web .
  • It can be used as one’s homepage so that whenever you open the internet all your favorite websites and email accounts will be saved for you and ready to use.

How can I get started using Bonzobox ?

First go to Bonzobox main page and click on sign up to open a new account or use your facebook account to access it .
Once you are logged in you can :

1- add a site

click on “ add a site “ on your right hand and fill in the info needed


2- Import your bookmarks

To do so , click on  “ my setting” at the top bar and select import bookmarks and follow the instructions


To learn more about Bonzobox visit their BonzoBlog and read their updated posts. LKINK

Application of Bonzobox in education

I would really recommend this web2.0 tool to all educators and teachers . Introduce Bonzobox to your students and make them familiar with it through a detailed tutorial in which you explain to them all the procedure of bookmarking and accessing their favorite sites. I am quite sure they will love it . It can help them a lot with their learning . It will offer them a free student- friendly interface for the organization of their blogs and webpages and share these bookmarks with other students .You can also provide students with educative links and urls and let them organize them using Bonzobox in such a way that everything will be neatly styled in a single interface for them to easily access whenever they want .
That’s it about Bonzobox in Education

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