Batlyrics ; teaching songs in education

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Batlyrics is a wonderful web2.0 tool . It spices up teaching songs in the classroom and gives it another educative dimension . Batlyrics allows its users to search for song lyrics based on specific words or phrases together with its video.


Some features of Batlyrics

Here are some of the features that characterize Batlyrics :
  • It is very simple and easy to use
  • It is completely free
  • You can use it without having to register
  • It offers several search facilities
  • It uses specific terms to search for lyrics
  • It provides video version to lyrics
  • It lets you participate by submitting your lyrics

How can I get started using Batlyrics ?

First go to Batlyrics main page and if you want to sign up and have your own account then you click on sign up
Now you go to the search bar at the top of the page and tick “ lyrics words” then type in the words you want to see in your lyrics


As you type in you will see the possible phrases from the lyrics popping up


When you pick up your phrase you click on search and you will get a couple of results of lyrics and videos containing your phrases .
For example, I typed in “forever gone” and clicked on search . This is what I would get .


Applications of Batlyrics in education

This is not a filtered site and you should never let students use it unsupervised . Make sure you monitor what students are looking for in their screens . Here are some ideas of how we can integrate Batlyrics in our classrooms :
  • Provide titles to students and let them search for the video and lyrics
  • Use it to find interactive listening materials to your classroom
  • Print the lyrics and use them with your students in activities such as multiple choice or gap filling
That’s it about Batlyrics ; teaching songs in education.

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