Awesome Highlighter :Highlight and share in education

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Awesome Highlighter is a practical web2.0 tool . It allows you to highlight text on a web page and then gives you a short link to the highlighted page . With Awesome Highlighter , you can instantly share important parts of any webpage with your friends, colleagues, and students.
I have personally found this web2.0 tool very useful in my daily online work. It has just saved me so much of extra work and time using other highlighting applets to bookmark, highlight and share with my colleagues.I am quite sure you would love this outlet.

awesome highlighter

How can I get started using Awsome highlighter ?

First on log on to Awesome highlighter main page and paste the url of the page you want to highlight and share into the highlight box and click on “Highlight Page”

awesome highlighter

You will be directed to your page with a tool bar like this

awesome highlighter

Now select the text you want to share and it will automatically be highlighted . Click on “Done” . You can also add annotations to your highlights by clicking on “ add a note” . A short link will be generated for you to share with others

awesome highlighter

For people using Firefox , there is a very useful add-on you can add to your browser toolbar so that you can highlight whatever you read without having to get back to Awesome Highlighter main page . To install it go to Firefox add on and bookmarklet

Applications of Awesome Highlighter in education

There are several ways educators can use Awesome Highlighter , here are some suggestions :
  • Teachers can use it to show students the important parts of a lesson
  • Teachers share links of Highlighted text of relevant interest with students to save them time
  • Students can use it to share referencing quotes between each other
  • They can also use it to gather information for research and classroom project
That’s it about Awesome Highlighter :Highlight and share in education
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