AnyTypos: a good spell checker for your classroom

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AnyTypos is a very good web2.0 tool for students and teachers. It is an online spell checker . It enables its users to check their texts instantly and with  a single click. There are many applications and softwares that automatically spell correct as you write but what sets AnyTypos apart from all of them is its simplicity and user-friendly interface . Students will find it very practical and useful . They do not need to be tech savvy to use it .


AnyTypos works in such a way that would save you so much time and energy . All you need to do to check a text for spelling mistakes is to paste it into the box as shown in the example below and AnyTypos will automatically generates a list of words that contain the spelling errors and provides you with the correct equivalent to each mistake. These equivalents are placed under the box and are color highlighted.
Here is an example of how it works


Try Using it in your classroom with your students and encourage them to use it at home when preparing for a writing assignment.
Here is another web2.0 tool that is more or less similar to AnyTypos , this one is called It allows students to write collaboratively and peer correct each other online learn more in : writing collaboratively
If you need a quiet place where to concentrate on what you write without the least distraction then try  QuietWrtie , i have already talked about this in a single post at QuietWrite : a quiet place for writing
That’s it about AnyTypos: a good spell checker for your classroom.

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