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The Alphabetizer is a cool web2.0 tool . It is an application that put any list in alphabetical order and enables you to print it . I personally find it very useful ; it helps me organize my writings with the minimum time possible . In fact , this is one of  the benefits of using some web2.0 tools in education .They are both very effective when it comes to time saving and also practical in the organization of one’s work .There are also 3 other relevant tools that I have already talked about in my previous posts which I think might be of relevant interest for you . Lear more in :
AnyTypos : good spell checker for your classroom
Quietwrite : a quiet place for writing : write collaboratively

the alphabetizer

Some features of The Alphabetizer

Here is a set of some features that The Alphabetizer provides for its users :
1- strip the html

the alphabetizer

2- ignore case

the alphabetizer

3- make all lower case

 the alphabetizer

4- capitalize first word

the alphabetizer

5- remove duplicators

the alphabetizer

6- reverse list
Simply sorts the list alphabetically then turns it on its head.
7- randomize
Just a fun little tool for randomizing each entry.
8- ignore indefinite articles


9- ignore definite articles 

I hope you like this web2.0 tool , just make sure you give it a shot with your students and help them get going . Best of Luck

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