The 21st century search engines educators must be aware of part1

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Up to now , almost all of my posts have been around web2.0 tools and their applications in education . There are still many more to come on a daily basis .But would you please , my dear readers, excuse me to walk you through a series of posts ( probably 7 or 8 ) talking about the most important search engines educators, teachers and even students should be using . Being wholeheartedly convinced that the 21st century methodology in both teaching and learning has been radically transformed opening the door for a wider use of technology in the classroom , I try as hard as possible to help those who are still struggling to grab and comprehend and therefore apply the newest technologies into education . We can never live up to the 21st century expectations in the sphere of education if we do not really change our habits and accompany technology throughout the teaching/learning process . In this regard , Search engines are very important elements in the educational technology . They are just as important as the web2.0 tools I have been talking about here . To help you sift out the best search engines available online to use in your work and with your students , I have prepared a series of posts covering several educative search engines that experts in education consider as EXTREMLY useful for educators in general. The posts are linked in such a way to facilitate your navigation .

1- Bing


Bing is Microsoft new search engine . It has been released around 2009 and is still in beta version . It is a search engine that finds and organizes the answers you need so you can make faster and more informed decisions . Some of the features Bing provides include :
  • AutoSuggest
  • Instant Answer
  • Best Match
  • Related Searches
  • Deep Links
  • Quick View
  • Smart Video Preview
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Quick Tabs
To learn more abt this great search engine visit their FAQ page

2- Biographicon


Biographicon is a site where you can search for a biography on anyone . It also allows its users to create their own biographies and edit them whenever they want . A simple and easy registration is all what you need to do to benefit from all their services .

cyclops is “an easy to use royalty free stock photo search engine , making it a one-stop shop for all your stock photography needs .” allows its users to control which browsers it searches through . You can also open a free account and collect and tag all your images . It is really a cool application that is worth trying .



Kngine is “ web3.0 search engine ( i.e. Revolutionary Semantics Search Engine and Question/ Answer Engine ) designed to provide customized meaningful search results such as :semantic information about the keyword / cpncept , Answer the user’s questions, list of things , Discover the relations between the keywords and links such as : movies , subtitles , photos, price at sale stores, user reviews , and influenced story “. As defined by Kngine themselves .

To learn more akngine

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