Wiggio : The educative way to communicate and work in groups

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Wiggio is one of the best social media application to try into the education field. It is a new aggregator and collaborator tool for both teachers and students. Wiggio makes group work much more easier as its easy and straightforward design provides everything you need to work productively in your groups. It is simple to use and has a very nice and flexible interface that makes it easy for students, parents, and teachers alike.

Who can use Wiggio?

Wiggio( whose first letters stand for working in groups ) can be used by :
Established groups:
  1. Clubs
  2. Sports teams
  3. Organizations
  4. School and universities
  5. Religious committees
  6. Business, academic departments
Informal groups like :
  1. Groups planning a trip or an event
  2. Groups working on a project
  3. A group of friends / roommates

What are some Wiggio features ?

These are some of the most interesting features wiggio offers :
  • Sharing and managing files
  • Managing a group calendar
  • Poll your group
  • Post links
  • Set up conferences calls (include voice , webcams, shared whiteboard space, and screensharing.
  • Chat online
  • Send text message
  • Send voice or email messages to entire group.


How can I start using Wiggio ?

Log on to Wiggio and click on sign up on the right hand corner

Now that you are signed in you can start creating your groups . To create one , click on the “ create a group button “ on the right hand side


To invite people to your groups just use their emails to send invitations , it’s easy and takes only a minute.

To share a calendar with your group member and be able to send real-time text message reminders about meetings and locations click on calendar.
To set up a meeting click on “meeting” button and select the one that suits you


Click on “message button” to select the kind of message you want to send you can choose from text message, email, sticky notes, voice note


If you want to learn more about Wiggio , you can check their FAQ page.

tutorial on wiggio

Applications of Wiggio in education

Wiggio can be used in education to :
  • Create a class group with students and families
  • Update parents about the latest of their kids’ classrooms
  • Students use it to access the documents and resources teachers share with them
  • Organize virtual meetings online with parents and specialists in education
  • Create students groups and set up study meeting to offer extra a support or mentoring
  • Use to do list to remind students of their class projects and assignments.
  • Students work together on Wiggio to collaborate and  fix meetings to talk online and share resources and links
  • Wiggio can be used to connect multiple classes within a school and around the globe.
That’s it about Wiggio : The educative way to communicate and work in groups.

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