what every educator should know about google

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The 21st century learners are different from the classical traditional learners because they are mostly influenced and shaped by their environment and milieu . This milieu is media rich , immediate , innovative, inspiring , fast , engaging , and dynamic .It is electronically and digitally based ; its rather a communication medium with instant gratification , yes INSTANT GRATIFICATION which I would claim to be the new century catch word .
A team from Harvard university namely Marc Prensky and Ian Jukes have already talked in detail about these shaping forces in their papers :Digital Natives , Digital Children . Prensky has made a diagram based on media exposure for American college students before they finish college and has included it in his paper Digital Natives
media diagram
The results are really striking ; media has a huge impact on students turning them into digital natives who are engaged , motivated and dependant on digital technologies to learn .These learners are very adept in the use of digital medium and as Dieterle-Dede-Schrier and Marc Prensky argues : they are wired to use these tools .
Google the internet guru , being aware of these facts , has started working on projects to improve education worldwide .Google labs is just one of his gigantic online kinda workshop where educators can have access to different applications and technological tools that can facilitate their jobs . Science Fair  is just another huge academic commitment from google to boost science and celebrate young student scientists.
As a statement of honesty, I am not advertising google products here or being given any money from google to post these articles about its applications. I am not a member of google team nor do I have any other relationship with google than my deep and blind admiration to everything that has google in it to the point that I have google stickers everywhere on the wall of my bedroom lol.
As a teacher of English , a fervent fan of technology and a master degree student ( I am specialized in educational technology , web2.0 and online social media , to learn more about me read My profile Page )I want to share some of what I know in this domain with my colleagues and teachers worldwide .In the light of this , I have been doing some researches into google and how educators and teachers can use it to its maximum and found some very important facts about it , the stereotypic idea most people have about google as search engine should be changed , we can do a lot with google especially in education .I have already posted some articles about this and I am still working on many other papers with google as its central theme and I will soon be posting my findings in my future posts. Subscribe to my newsletter or Rss feed to stay informed.
I strongly believe that we need to use technology in our teaching .It becomes a must for every teacher, I know many teachers are reluctant to include technological tools into their classrooms and this is why this blog has been born : to help those who are unwilling to use technology in their teaching ( or personal life in general ) and spark new ideas to those who are already techno geeks .
Google has created many powerful tools and applications to be used in the educative sphere .This is a step forward in the exploration of the digital age learning and in connecting the 21st students with the21st century technology . Understanding and using these applications in your classroom will not only add an extra feature to your teaching but will also engage your students and motivate them more and more to collaborate and develop sound learning habits based on noble social components.
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