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Weblist is a free web2.0 tool. It allows its users to “ create a list to share with others using a single url. This list can include anything from a collection of web pages, images, documents, videos and more. The list can be saved as a bookmark or homepage . The visual feature of weblist makes it student-friendly with each website saved in the form of a snapshot together with its name and description under it . Weblist is free of charge and very simple to use. You can use it without having to create an account, however, creating an account is highly recommended as it will allow you to access your lists and edit them in the future.

What are some features of weblist ?

Weblist opens a wide range of possibilities for you online :
  • You can create a list of webs you like on a certain topic
  • Add videos , docs, pdfs, and links to your list
  • Browse through the different categories and find public lists on different subjects. These are the categories you can browse through:
Weblist’s content is dynamic as it is constantly updated , users add and update their lists
It’s a free service and you don’t need to create an account butto edit your lists you need to create one.
How can I start using weblist ?
Log on to weblist


To create a list, just type in the name of your list in front of list name
To add details to your list like : description, tags, and list option ( whether you want it private or not ) you need click on “ click here for additional list settings”

If you want to add items to your lists , go to “ add items to your list” tab and select from the options there.
To learn more about weblist , you can read their FAQ page.
Here is an example of a weblist containing links to websites about education.


Applications of weblist in education :

There are many ways we can incorporate weblist in education :
  1. Teachers can use it to quickly share a collection of sites with students.
  2. Students create their own weblists of sites they like
  3. Students share their weblists’ content with each others
  4. Students check weblists of students nationally and internationally and use the voting service to collect students views on the links they are using during learning.
That’s it about Weblist : teachers’ dynamic content sharing site.
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