SafeShare.TV: the educative way to share Youtube videos

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SafeShare.TV is another great web2.0 tool . It is deemed by experts in educational technology as a powerful application for both teachers and students . It provide a very unique service for all practitioners and educators .It allows you to crop videos before sharing them ; and not only that , it also removes distracting and offensive features around youtube videos .Providing multimedia materials from the net to our students can sometimes be harmful and this is exactly the case with youtube videos . Cast your eyes down the comments page of a youtube video and you will probably see a bunch of offensive and pejorative comments made by anonymous users .This nasty behavior displayed in youtube and many other social and community driven websites is just a form of online bullying which puts teachers in a tricky situation .You might have probably found the perfect video to highlight a part of your lesson and you want to share it with your students but you get frustrated because of the inappropriate elements surrounding it .Good news for you , no more frustration , the answer is safesharetv , a great school-friendly web2.0 application .With safesharetv you can eliminate the offensive materials around a video and generate a safe link to share with your students .

How can I use safesharetv with my students ?

It is very simple and easy : just type safesharetv in a search engine like google and then click on the first link in the page result , you will be directed to safesharetv homepage which looks like this
Once there you need to paste the youtube video link you copied and paste it in the box as shown in the above picture and hit generate safe link .This is the page you will be directed to , notice the new link highlighted in blue , this is the same link you need to paste in a browser to get your video without any distractive features
youtube video
Look at the example in these two pictures:
Lets suppose I want to teach the alphabets to my students and I want to illustrate this lesson with a video from youtube in the form of a song for students to learn the alphabets easily . A quick search into youtube videos I fell upon the right video but look at the distracting features around the video
youtube video pitcture
These features can really turn students attention from the main purpose behind using this video . Using safesharetv , I get the desired result , a video in a blank background , students will stay focused on the content of the video rather than its surroundings .
safesharetv video picture
Now suppose you want to use just a 2 minutes portion of a 40 minutes long video , safesharetv allows you to crop the part of the video you want to use and watch it in a separate video screen .Click on “ Do you want to only share a part of the video “ and you will be directed to the cropping page and down you will see “ set start” end start” these are the buttons you can use to crop your videos .
safesharetv video picture

Applications of safesharetv in education

As teachers and educators we can use this great web 2.0 tool to prepare multemidia materials for our students like preparing songs , grammar lessons , vocabulary ect .It is one hundred safe and practical .
safesharevideo  pic
if you want to see what i have prepared for my students using safesharetv then watch this video .
That’s all about Safesharetv: the educative way to share youtube videos.
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