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QuiteWrite is a free online editor . It is a quite place where you can bring your thoughts and words into harmony . Producing a good piece of writing needs so much focus , but this focus comes only where there is quietness and peacefulness around . Most of other word editors are crammed and cluttered and full of the unnecessary . QuiteWrite  is different in that it provides a peaceful writing workplace to think, to ponder and to dream .
You can use QuiteWrite  in the anonymous mode without signing up , but as I have already mentioned in my previous posts , if you want to really benefit from web 2.0 tools I am blogging about you need to open accounts with them . The process is easy and simple , and in case you do not want to be using your official email address for fear of spam and junk mail then you can use the temporary email services , they do the same job . You can try for example: tempinbox and mailinator

Why sign up with QuiteWrite  ?

If you want to use QuiteWrite  but do not want to sing up then you risk the following :
  • Losing your writings when you switch browsers and computers
  • You wont be able to publish any of your writings
So why not give it a minute and sign up !!

What are some of the features of QuiteWrite ?

Here are some of the features that make QuiteWrite  a friendly tool to be used with our students :
  • Your work is automatically saved , every minute a revision of your work is saved
  • You can review past revisions
  • You can delete work from your past revisions
  • Formatting options together with subsets of html are provided for your writing
  • You can publish your work and share it with others
  • You can interact with others through activating the respond option in your settings
  • You can also export your writings to Wordpress

How can I start using QuiteWrite ?

Log on to QuiteWrite  and click on the new button on the top right and you will be directed to the word editor .
As you can see in the snapshot above there are five buttons :
The” revisions” button allows you to see your past revisions
The “settings” buttons for whether you want responses or not
The “review” button which allows you to see a preview of what your writing will look like when published
The “publish” button to publish your writing online .This option works only when you are signed up
The “export” button to export your writing to wordpress blog


By the way , there is also another important online word editor which is Typewith.me . This web2.0 tool is very useful in group work and classroom projects as it allows students to collaborate in writing a single piece of work , you can read more about it in Typewith.me: a quick educative online tool

Apllications of QuiteWrite in education

I personally think that QuiteWrite is a very essential tool for both teachers and students .Its simple and easy to use interface makes out of it the perfect kids and young learners .Students can use it to write their homework assignments , exercises and to review their each others’ writings .
Teacher assigns a topic to students and each one writes something on it then they activate the “respond” option to read each others works and interact through leaving responses on others pages
You can think of other ways to use it in the classroom and if you think you have other ideas or additions to what have already been mentioned here , then feel free to share them with us below .
That’s it about QuiteWrite : A quite place for writing

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