Neok12 : a resourceful tool for teachers

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Neok12 is a comprehensive collection of educational videos, lessons and games for k12 students . This website is more or less like Schooltube which is dedicated to educative videos as well. Founders of Neok12 believe that “ kids learn best when they see how things work, when, where and why they happen. Watching educational videos is a great way to learn because it allows kids to build visual picture or model in their mind. The visual dimension not only helps them understand concepts better , but also stimulates curiosity and encourages self-learning.


What are some features of Neok12 ?

Neok12 features several interactive ways to improve learning , these include :
School presentation tool : This is a mashup of flicker and wikipedia allowing students to create and share interesting presentations online.
Educational games, puzzles and quizzes : This page is included to make learning fun and improve thinking and planning skills , here are some examples of its content :
  • Brain games
Brain games
  • Puzzles


  • Quizzes
quizzes , diagrams and games
Interactive diagrams : These diagrams cover topics like : life sciences, human body, physical sciences, earth and space, history and social studies.


a page containing 1000s of pictures assorted by topic .

Applications of Neok12 in education

Neok12 is one of the best educative websites online . Teachers, educators and students can use it to benefit from its various educative resources. It has the best educative videos which have already been reviewed by experts in the field in order to secure its appropriateness for students and kids .
Students can use it to :
  • Create online presentations through choosing pictures from flickr , reading about the subject in wikipedia and adding text.
  • They can share their online presentations with their teachers and their fellow students as well.
  • They can also use it to improve learning via quizzes, games and puzzles available in Neok12 digital library.
  • Students can do their assignments using Neok12 by watching videos , playing related games, and creating presentations.
As for teachers, here are some suggestions on how they can use Neok12.
Teachers can use Neok12 to :
  • Pick the relevant videos and presentations to reinforce their teaching
  • They can use it to create and share video playlists complete with notes and instructions for their students.
  • They can also create assignments within Neok12 that include instructions and notes for their students and these latter can complete and work on them later on at home .
  • Teachers can also use Neok12 to spark creativity in a topic , expand on previous learning and introduce new learning using games and puzzles.
  • Teachers can use puzzles as teasers to introduce new topics or revise old ones.
You might also have other ideas or additions to these suggestions , feel free to share them with us below.
That’s it about Neok12 : a resourceful tool for teachers.
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