MultiUrl : combine multiple urls into one short link

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MultiURL is a very important web2.0 tool in education.It allows to” combine multiple links into one short link that you can quickly and easily share with your friends ,colleagues,on your blog or any other website”. It makes the process of sharing multiple links at once much easier, quicker and safer.
For example, you want to share the following list of urls :
I will group all these links under the group name “My links”.
Now when you click on the link next to browse link you will get this:

If you want to share the list of links you click on “ share”.

What are some features of multiurl ?

Multiurl allows you to :
  • Organize your links into one list
  • All your links can be edited at any time
  • You can add new links or delete old ones
  • You can protect your links with a password if you want
  • You may see how many ones have clicked on your links, this is a premium service
  • You can have your own branding by attaching a slogan or link to your site
  • All your links are automatically shortened, so no fear of long links being broken.

Applications of multiurl in education ?

You can use multiurl in education to :
  • Share a list of links of sites you think will benefit your students
  • Students can use it to share lists of links of their blogs or related educational articles with each others.
  • It can also be used in the personal professional development as teachers exchange lists of links with their colleagues locally, nationally and internationally.
  • You can also use it for personal purposes.
You may think about other ways we can use multiurl in education and in case you have new suggestions or additions , feel free to cite them below.
That’s it about MultiUrl : combine multiple urls into one short link.

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