Google Bookmarks in Education

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Google bookmarks is a free online bookmarking service provided by google labs .It allows its users to bookmark and customize their favourite websites through adding notes , tags, and labels . It is mainly a service that is provided only for google account holders . In other words, if you do not have a google account then you need to sign up in order to benefit from this service.
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What is the difference between google bookmarks and other bookmarking services online ?

What really sets google bookmarks service apart from other bookmarking sites available online is the easy accessibility and high security google attaches to your bookmarks .Once you bookmark an item , google stores it securely in its database and you can access it very easily from any place in the world with an internet connection .The privacy issue is another distinctive feature that distinguishes google services . In many other bookmarking sites , bookmarks are made public by default and they can only be private if you enable an option and click on  check box every time you are to bookmark a site ;Delicious is the striking example of this .With google bookmarks your items are set to private from the start and are integrated with search history and web search.

How can I add sites to my google bookmarks ?

It is just as easy as it sounds. First , you need to install google toolbar , this is a very important step to do be it you want to use bookmarks or not , google toolbar offers some great services that will make your online work much more better . Read Google tool bar to learn more about how to install and use it  .To install google tool bar you need to go to
And click on install google tool bar just as shown in the screenshot below
google toolbar

When the tool bar is installed it will look something like this
 google toolbar

To book mark a site you click on the blue star, click again on it to choose one or more labels for it .
If you are using Firefox then there is a very good extension called Gmark that can display your bookmarks on the sidebar , to learn more about it and install it if you want read Gmark .
Google  bookmarks main page contains a search bar that enables you to search only your bookmarks,  be sure to use this bar instead of the custom google search bar if you want to search your bookmarks .
If you are using igoogle , you better use this gadget which will list all your bookmarks by label and will also give you the option to edit them.

Is there a way to bookmark my favourite posts from google reader ?

Yes there is , you just need to install Ceasmonkey  in Firefox and restart the browser and add this script .
In case you want to delete some of your bookmarks just go to your toolbar and select the ones you want to omit and hit delete you can also delete all the items you have bookmarked just look for “delete all” on the left side bar and click on it .



Applications of google bookmarks in education

Google bookmarks is really a great application to be used in education .As a teacher , you need to introduce this service to your students and explain to them how it works .you can provide them with links to educative websites that will help them with their learning and have them bookmark these sites for future reference .They can also bookmark interesting blogs of their friends or other students from all around the world .Just remember , students are really amazing and creative once they understand something they can come up with ideas you never ever taught of .Give it a try with your students and share with us your experience of ICT and web2.0 .
That’s all about Google Bookmarks in Education.
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