Dushare : unlimited file transfer in education

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Dushare is is “ a simple direct file transfer service .It makes sending unlimited file sizes between two people as simple as clicking on a link”. Dushare is  really an outstanding web2.0 application, files have never been this easier. It does not require any registration only select your file and you decide whether to protect it with a password or not and then share it.
I have already posted two articles on more or less similar applications as Dushare . Sendspace and ifileit , both of these web2.0 tools are free file sharing services that you can learn more about in ifile it a free online storage service and sendspace, a free file sharing service.


What are some of the features of Dushare ?

Some of the features that distinct Dushare from other services are :
  • Sending unlimited file sizes
  • No need for upload or download into central servers
  • Communication with your peers through chat during the file transfer
  • High security protection
  • File transfers are very rapid , the moment you dushare a file the other peer starts downloading it instantly in real time

How can I get started using Dushare ?

Log on to Dushare and click on the “ send a file “ button and upload your file , after a couple of seconds , a link will be generated for you to share with your peers to start the direct transfer.
When your peer opens the link , this is what it will look like


As you can see in the right corner side of the snapshot , there is a little chat window you can use to communicate with your peer while the transfer is taking the place.

Applications of dushare in education

Teachers can use Dushare to :
  1. Quickly share files with their students.
  2. Share docs , files , pdfs etc with parents of the students , colleagues, and friends.
  3. Send assignments to students to do at home
Students can use it to :
  1. Share files between each others
  2. Use it in class projects as a collaborative tool between the participants
  3. Submit homework corrections or questions to the teacher.
You can also come up with other ways to use it .
That’s it about Dushare : unlimited file transfer in education
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