DisposableWebPage: a great web2.0 tool for educators

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DisposableWebPage is a site where you can create a page with your own content and share it with others. Each page has a countdown clock. You can set a time up to 90 days for the life of a page and after that 2 more weeks are added before it is deleted . When you create a page, you will be given a master key to :

  • Edit the disposable page
  • Create an editor key for friends to co-edit the page
  • Set the disposable date of the page
LiveBinders , Weblists, and Wiggio are also another web2.0 applications that are kinda similar to DisposableWebPage .You can learn more about these tools in the following posts :


What are some features of DisposableWebPage ?

Here are some features that characterizes DisposableWebPage :
  1. Easy manipulation and creation of webpage content
  2. Flexibility of its interface which makes it student-friendly
  3. History of  revisions of all edits
  4. Bookmarking facility
  5. Rich text editor
  6. 5 photos upload
  7. Sticky notes and sticky notes player

How can I use DisposableWebPage ?

Log on to DisposableWebPage  .You can either start using it without signing up or open an account which i would recommend for you. Click on free account and create one

Now click on create a disposable webpage


Application of DisposableWebPage in education

DisposableWebPage can be used in education to :
  • Create a disposable webpage for a certain event at school or in your classroom : the teacher sets the count down
  • It can be used a count down to coming exams or weekly assignments
  • It can also be used as a webpage where the course contents and objectives are explained and a count down is set ( this is for semestrial courses )
  • Stuents can use it to work on class projects with everyone editing and adding to the content of the page
  • DisposableWebPage can be used for some personal purposes like :
  • Set a countdown for students holidays , an upcoming trip with students, someone’s birthdays or new year’s eve.
Make sure whenever you create a disposable webpage to push students to brainstorm ideas and plans on the page.
That’s it about DisposableWebPage : a great web2.0 tool in education.
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