AlarmTube and SchoolTube in education

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AlarmTube is an online alarm that wakes you up with the youtube video that you choose. I personally use it as a reminder rather than an alarm. I have a couple of educative videos that I consider worth watching but because of lack of time I scheduled a time in AlarmTube to watch them .Before I was using AlarmTube I used to save videos but never go back to them because of the huge load of work I am doing online but now the problem is solved , I no longer miss the important videos I want to watch.. It is really a practically useful web2.0 tool that is worth considering .


Since youtube is a very important service in the web ( by the way it is provided by google ) , many other web2.0 applications have been created around it . Next to AlarmTube we are talking about in this post , there is also the famous SafeshareTv application . This free tool is of paramount importance in education .It allows its users to crop and eliminate the distractive features around youtube videos ; you can learn more about it in SafeshareTV the educative way to share youtube videos

How can I use AlarmTube ?

Log on to AlarmTube main page  and in the “set alarm time” box type in the alarm time using natural language like: in 40 minutes, tomorrow, at 7am,9:30 .

And in the “ pick youtube alarm video” you either click on “ search videos by tag” to select the video you want to set for your alarm or click on “ youtube featured videos” for a list of predefined videos to choose from.


Applications of AlarmTube in education

If you are the kind of teacher who is :
  • On the go all the time
  • Busy with a full schedule during the whole school year
  • Interested in learning through media and have collected a set of educative videos
  • Afraid to miss watching interesting videos because of lack of time
The AlarmTube is the solution , try to use it as a reminder of the important videos you want to watch . Give AlarmTube a shot and I am sure you will like it .You might introduce it to your students and give them a chance to use it too .


Since we are talking about videos in education , I would invite everyone of you to start using schooltube . This is really a very important media site for educators. SchoolTube is the “ largest moderated video sharing website that provides students and educators with a safe and free video sharing website that is exclusively endorsed by leading education associations”.

school tube

Log on to SchoolTube  and start exploring its great features .You can sign up and have your own channel to begin viewing and sharing educative videos with both your colleagues and students.
That is about AlarmTube and SchoolTube in education .

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