The 21st Century letter to educators

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Today’s educational system faces irrelevance unless we bridge the gap between how students learn and how teachers teach. Schools are running behind the technology curve. But whose fault is it ? Is it the teacher’s fault ? Hummmmmmm…….!!! Let’s just say that the biggest part of responsibility lays on teachers shoulders .Some of them if not the majority do not want to loose their old and traditional habits. They still want to rely on outdated techniques like handwriting, doing math without a calculator ,basic understanding of how to structure a sentence , spelling,etc , and some are very afraid to even mention the world technology because they think they lack the skills and are too old to learn them .Others even argue that the integration of communication and technology  into education is just a waste of time and a pop culture that disturbs learning: students are to be on time , don’t ask any questions , obey authority, take orders and learn mechanically. They wrongly think that they are the owners of knowledge and in the same time its instigators .Wow that sounds great but only in prehistoric societies not in ours .
It is time to change these ideas. The world has been revolutionized and the information age has engulfed every facet of our life . Students are far more techno savvy than their teachers . They have a free unlimited access to information . Students are spending their lives in a multitasking, multifaceted, technology driven, diverse vibrant world and schools are struggling to keep pace with the increasing rate of change in student’s lives outside of their classrooms.
In the light of what I have already mentioned , I invite everyone of you and particularly those who embrace the old mindset to spare 6 minutes and 29 seconds from your time to watch this video and think critically about it .

An open letter to educators

To confirm Don’s letter to educators , you need to watch this 2 minutes and 31 seconds video to see how technology was and what type of citizens it had prepared for life and how the new digital technology education has changed and reshaped the world and made it a better place to live in .

education today and tomorrow
Let’s change how we learn and learn how to change . It takes to give and unless we invest time and efforts to learn how to teach using the 21st century skills then we better not call ourselves educators .To have an idea about the new skills we need to incorporate into our teaching you need to read the 21st century skills teachers should have…This is your springboard for a positive and promising change .
To conclude ,I have meticulously selected this video to highlight the importance of learning to change .
Learning to change , changing to learn
That’s it about The 21st Century letter to educators
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