Educational Technology and ICT

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Technology , the century term by excellence , is becoming increasingly crucial in both our professional and personnal lives . It has facilitated our life to the point that we become very much dependent on its use in our daily acitivities . We will not talk about technology in its broadest scope but we will instead narrow it down to a particular field called Educational Technology (ET ) and ICT ( Information Communication Technology ) as it is straightforwardly related to our profession as teachers and educators .
The question here is ; why educational technology and ICT ? The answer is very simple , our learners and students use technology more and more while a very large portion of teachers are lagging behind . Unfortunately , there are many teachers now that are far less skilled and knowledgeable than their students when it comes to using current technology .This situation is even worse in Africa and the Arab world in general . Being myself part of theis geographical location , I know exactly how needed teachers and educators are to this wealth of technological innovations without which our teaching and professional development have no meaning . This blog , therefore , is a simple and modest try from my part to help in this this gap by providing non technical descriptions of new technological tools and by demonstrating how teachers can use these tools in the classroom . In brief , we will be talking about the practical applications of technology to teaching especially TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign language ) and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language ) .
This work is primarily meant for teachers with little or no experience of ICT tools and how to use them in the classroom and also for those who are already ICT knowledgeable but still lack in some fresh ideas about its effective use as well as links to new development in this field . Please not here that any proprietal software programs and operating systems that will be listed through the whole posts DO NOT mean in any way that we are endorsing these products but are included just for the sake of simplifying and concretising instances of tools that teachers can use in their classrooms .
Web2.0 in Education
Finally , we would very much welcome any kind of feedback from you and if you are working now on a certain ICT project or are implementing any other application or tool with your students then share the knowledge here and let others benefit . Our aim is to develop foreign language teaching through technology .